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Mazout four la France 1941-1942

Histoire et recherches portant sur les Marines de guerre de tous les belligérants, incluant les grandes batailles comme celles de l'Atlantique, de la mer corail, Mers el Kébir, la destruction du Bismark etc.

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Oui ! merci Hilarion
Je me demande comment tu fais pour trouver des renseignements aussi précis.


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Messieurs (et Mesdames)

"Gut, faisons le point (Kommissar Schmitz)"

(a prize for who is able to find the source of this sentence).

Hilarion researches were quite intersting. The French Navy needed, in June 1941, to send 179 t of oil for the mission of four destroyers with a single ship bunker capacity of 585 t and the Axis had problems to supply a single flotilla. How the hell could Admiral Darlan think twice to send the whole FHM in Eastern Mediterranean? Or he was
a) tricking or
b) he was a fool (My personal opinion is choice a)).

The real problem is: how much oil had the Marine Nationale in the free zone in July 1940?

How much oil was imported by France from Rumania (the only available source) since late Spring 1941 until Nov. 1942?

I add that Adm. Auphan wrote that the French North Africa imports of oil from USA were only 18.000 t in 1941-1942 abd that the Marine Nationale submarines in North Africa had to use a mix of peanuts oil since January 1941.

The last item is we know the Germans seized 60.000 t of mazut at Toulon in Nov. 1942.

I agree the key has to be inside the German Armistice Commission papers as the Italians could only ask and not deliver oil (in Jan. 1941 they get, for example, 5.000 t of oil delivered from Tunisia to Libya. Italians send instead coal from Sardinia to France for the solphates coming from the French North Africa.

Any further info would be welcome (and the problem of gasoline for the French Air Force is, of course, the same; the Regia Aeronautica burned about 10.000 t monthly; as the French Air Force had almost the same strenght in 1940-1942 her comsumption had to be not too much different).

Salut les gars



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DENYS hubert a écrit:Oui ! merci Hilarion
Je me demande comment tu fais pour trouver des renseignements aussi précis.

Le SHD est une mine d'or et certains rapports sont très précis


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