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Interview de Paula Hitler en 1946 2eme post

Tout ce qui concerne la libération de l'Europe et qui n'est pas développé au sein des sections ci-dessus.

Interview de Paula Hitler en 1946 2eme post

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Donc 46.

St Ex

Interview with Hitler's sister on 5th June 1946

Original copy of this document supplied by: -----

Modern Military Records (NWCTM)

Textual Archives Services Section

National Archives and Records Administration

8601 Adelphi Road

College Park

Maryland 20740-6001

United States of America

Below is a transcript of the Wednesday 5th June 1946 interview with Paula Hitler (Records of the Army Staff (G2), Record Group 319 IRR XE575580). This interview has been written in English and I do not know if an original German record of the meeting was kept. Note that the original document was of very poor legibility, hence the following transcription has been done in order to make it easier to read. Note that the date format is as per the original document, but that spelling has been anglicised. I have put notes in italic script to draw attention to any obvious errors in the text. Who made these errors is open to question, but it seems unlikely that Paula would have called her half - brother Alois, her step - brother out of ignorance of the difference between the two terms. The translation from the original German to English shows a very literal interpretation, for example the sentence, "We have been 4 brothers and sisters" is pure German grammar. I do not think that this slightly imperfect translation will have materially altered the content of the report even though it has affected its readability to some extent.

The nature of the relationship between Adolf (he was christened, 'Adolfus' and was known in the family as, 'Adi') and his younger sister Paula, is one that history has, up to the present time largely ignored. It cannot be just be co-incidence that Paula took the surname 'Wolf' and Adolf used the name, 'Wolf' to denote his various headquarters during the war, e.g. 'The Wolf's Lair'.

Michael Williams … November 2003

Personality Report Berchtesgaden, June 5, 1946 (Note the non-military date-order used here and throughout this document. Normally the US army follows the British date-order of Date-Month-Year in its internal documents: see the interview of 12 July 1945)

Agent: C - 1o

Case: Mrs. Paula Wolf (Paula Hitler, sister of the late Adolf Hitler)

Address: Alpenwirtschaft Vorderorand, Gemeinde Königsee (Kreis Berchtesgaden)

Particulars: Investigation ordered by Lt. Bronfen

Report: 1. Born Rauschergut, Gemeinde Fischelham, Kreis Lambach (Oberoesterreich) on 21st November 1896

2. Education: Volksschule and Lyzeum Linz

3. Party - membership before 1933: none

4. Party - membership during the Nazi regime: none

5. Party - membership today: none

6. Yesterday the undersigned was visiting Mrs. Paula Wolf in the Alpenwirtschaft Vorderbrand and got the following information from Mrs. Wolf concerning her life:

"I adopted my name Paula Wolf many years ago to avoid the interest of the public which was unwelcome to me. I am in possession of a passport with the name of Paula Wolf with the erroneously registered date of birth November 12, 1896. In fact I was born 8 months earlier. Until today I was not interested in a correction of the date of my birth, moreover it has never been necessary.

I was born at the Rauschergut in Hafeld, Gemeinde Fischelham (upper Austria), which belonged to my father, the retired Custom - House - Officer Alois Hitler. It was a small property of approximately 50 Joch (the Joch, the word means, "Yoke", was a unit of area of about an Acre in size and was derived from the amount of land an Ox could plough in a day). My parents sold the farm however when I was only 2 - 3 years old since my father could not manage the farm on account of his age of nearly 60 years. I was the youngest child out of the second marriage of my father (there is an error here as she was the youngest child of her father's third, not second marriage, the first being childless). We have been 4 brothers and sisters. Of the altogether 8 children of my father out of his first and second marriage (actually the second and third), 4 died young of infant diseases. My step - brother Alois (he was her half - brother, not step - brother), who is living in Hamburg as far as I know, was the eldest, next came my sister Angela (another error, as Angela was Paula's half - sister, and full - sister to Alois) and at last my brother Adolf, born April 20, 1889 in Braunau. I liked my brother (Adolf) best of all my brothers and sisters (again she does not differentiate between half and full kin) in spite of the difference in age.

Our father was Waldviertier (a name given to a poor area and those living there) from Lower Austria. He was frequently transferred as Custom - House - Officer, at last he was employed in Passau, Braunau and Linz and he retired in Linz, 58 years old. Probably my father married for the second time in Braunau. My mother was 23 years his junior. Also she came from Waldviertel. Her parents have been the farmers Polzl in Spital near Veitra, where my mother was born on August 12, 1860. She had six brothers and sisters. I cannot remember anything of my father's first wife.

The married life of my parents was a very happy one, in spite of their very unlike characters. My father, who was of great harshness in the education of his children and who only spoiled me as the pet of the family, was the absolute type of the old Austrian official, conservative and loyal to his emperor to the skin. My mother, however, was a very soft and tender person, the compensatory element between the almost too harsh father and the very lively children who perhaps were somewhat difficult to train. If there were ever quarrel or difference of opinion between my parents it was always on account of the children.

It was especially my brother Adolf, who challenged my father to extreme harshness and who got his sound thrashing every day. He was a scrubby little rogue, and all attempts of his father to thrash him for his rudeness and to cause him to love the profession of an official of the estate were in vain. How often on the other hand did my mother caress him and try to obtain with her kindness, were the father could not succeed with harshness!

Of my other brothers and sisters I especially remember my stepsister Angela as a beautiful girl. Also she was watched by my father very harshly. He was examining every wooer with the strict demand that only a civil servant was allowed to marry her. Really in 1903 she married the Revenue officer Leo Raubal in Linz, who died very young in 1910. After his death my sister with her 3 children went on to live in Linz for a short time. Then she removed to Vienna. Later on she married the university professor Hammitzsch in Dresden. They had no children. I visited my sister in Dresden twice, but until today I have not got any news from her. I guess that she has found a refuge somewhere in Upper Austria.

In the beginning of January 1903 my father died of heart failure. He was carried home dead from his morning pint. Four years later on December 21, 1907, far too early for me and my brother Adolf, for we were both sincerely fond of my mother, my mother died too. Both are buried on the churchyard of Leonding near Linz. During this time my mother was severely ill we were most unhappy. Assisting me, my brother Adolf spoiled my mother during this time of her life with overflowing tenderness. He was indefatigable in his care for her, wanted to comply with any desire she could possible have and did all to demonstrate his great love for her. Her last desire was accomplished; she was buried beside the father. We accompanied her on her last way from Linz to Leonding, where she was buried on December 23, 1907.

Of those last years we lived together with my mother I especially remember the cheerfulness of my brother and his extraordinary interest for history, geography, architecture, painting and music. At school he was nothing less than a show boy, came home with bad school reports and admonitions. At home every day he was sitting for hours on the beautiful Heitzmann grand piano, my mother had given him. This extraordinary interest for music, especially for Wagner and Listz, remained with him for all his life. Particularly strong was even at that time already his interest for the theatre and especially for the opera. I can remember that he was visiting the opera house 13 times to hear "Die Gotterdammerung". His Christmas present for his mother has always been a theatre ticket. He was also pursuing aquarelle - painting (watercolour painting) already during his school years, but more seriously in Vienna and later in Munich. Very often he used to give lectures on themes concerning history and policy to my mother and to me in a rhetorical way.

A few days after my mother's death my brother moved to Vienna. I remained in our flat in Linz, where my mother's sister was keeping house. In the few letters I got from my brother from Vienna - in the meantime I had become pupil of the Lyzeum - he was recommending certain books to me and gave well-meaning advice. I remember that he once sent me the book "Don Quichote" (Don Quixote) from Vienna, which - as he meant - would particularly enjoy me. Naturally he was the great brother for me, but I submitted to his authority only with inner resistance. In fact we were brother and sister, who did frequently quarrel, but were fond of each other, and yet often spoiled each other's pleasure of living together. A last attempt of my aunt in 1908 to persuade him to take up the career of an official was in vain. From that time he ceased to write letters to us. I did not hear from him for years, when at last in 1921 I saw him again in Vienna. In the meantime I had moved to Vienna myself. But what occurrences of the time had meanwhile passed over Europe, war and the years after the war with their exorbitant suffering! Only then I was told by my brother, that in 1913 he had moved from Vienna to Munich and that he had taken up aquarelle - painting entirely. I had the impression that he was successful. He told me of his wonderful adventures of war - comradeship, of his injury, and his blindness in the war hospital Pasewalk. At that time he was already leader of the NSDAP. I can I admit that I can remember this meeting with my brother always as a great and happy event. Living alone and in modest conditions in Vienna, I happened to meet my brother I had imagined lost through the war, who was showing his love for me and giving me presents, which meant exorbitant luxury for me! It were few but happy days we spent together in Vienna. He went back to Munich while I stayed in Vienna and earned my living as secretary in an insignificant office.

On account of the separation a close living together with my brother was impossible. It was the same with us as with most families. As soon as the parents are dead, the children withdraw from one another. Not I, but my step-sister Angela kept house for my brother in House Wachenfeld, which later on became the "Berghof".

When my brother became more and more active and the name "Hitler" was known in Vienna, I had difficulties to such an extent, that I was at last dismissed from my position. At that time I changed my name to "Wolf". I went to Munich and described my difficult position of life to my brother. With full understanding he assured me that he would provide for me in future. He did so until his death and at first transferred the sum of 250 Mk, later on since 1938 - the sum of 500 Mk to me. Moreover I got a present of 3000 Mk every Christmas.

Not only with my brother but also with my step-sister Angela I met very seldom, since my sister was living in Dresden. I only came to Berchtesgaden at different times invited by my brother and was rarely spending more to 8 - 14 days in the Berghof. This was one of the rare opportunities for me to see my brother.

So I could witness the years of rise and power of my brother only from afar. I was much too fond of Vienna to leave it. My relationship with my brother remained as affectionate as it was unto his death, but I have never been very ambitious for myself and never appeared at official fetes. I was often told in Vienna that I did never show off but always did just the opposite.

Already in my youth and also in later years I used to spend my holidays at my aunt in Spital, the home - place of my mother I was so very fond of because of its beauty and its magnificent woods. My Aunt Theres Schmid had always been like a mother to me since my mother dies far too early. I was deeply sorry when I heard that my cousin Marie Koppensteiner has been misplaced with her family by the Russians. I nearly lose courage to go on living after all disaster I experienced since more than a year.

In 1941 / 42 I had bought a little house in Weiten in the Wachau with the assistance of my brother. It was an old villa I had furnished simply and comfortably. I did this without the help of an architect. This house was robbed and expropriated by the Russians. I still possess a small apartment consisting of two rooms in Vienna which is occupied by Americans. My intention to go back to Vienna can scarcely be realised at present.

I was in my house in Lower - Austria when in the middle of April 1945 I was fetched by two SS - Men in a motor car. Both SS - Men declared that they had an order to call for me. I had made preparations for my departure, had packed up all in trunks, chests, and boxes, which were fetched off by a truck on the next day, and went with some small luggage to Berchtesgaden. All my big luggage was brought to the hotel Berchtesgadener Hof. When the Americans were about to enter Berchtesgaden I was brought to the Dietrich - Eckardhutte, where I was permitted to remain until December 1945.

Christmas 1945 I spent already in my present lodgings Alpenwirtschaft Worderbrand. The family of the lessee Franz Beer, living there already since 1921 is treating me very kindly. I like to be here and try to help by working in the kitchen.

At present I have no troubles in pecuniary respect, since I could take with me about 10,000 Mk of my savings. I deposited this money at the Bayerische Hypothoken und Wechselbank at Berchtesgaden. But at present I do not earn money nor am I in possession of a fortune. I intend to live as long as possible from my savings. For my small room and board I pay 6 Mk per day to the family Beer.

Unfortunately I lost all my luggage secured at the Berchtesgadener Hof. All I possess of clothing and linen was in the small suitcase I could bring here.

I can dispose of my bank account sine I was not a member of the Party or any Party organisation. The policy of my brother, his ideas and terms were no reason for me to enter the Party. It has never been the wish of my brother. But if it had been his wish I would have entered the Party to please him.

I do not believe that my brother ordered the crime committed to innumerable human beings in the concentration - camps or that he even knew of these crimes. It may be possible however, that the hard years during his youth in Vienna caused his anti-Jewish attitude. He was starving severely in Vienna and he believed that his failure in painting was only due to the fact that trade in works of art was in Jewish hands.

Closing remarks of the Agent.

If further investigations prove that the declarations of Mrs. Paula Wolf are true there can be no doubt in her sincerity, at least as far as she is describing her own life and her relationship to her brother. Unworthy of belief, however, is her declaration that she did never know anything about the innumerable crimes which were committed during the government of her brother and under his immediate responsibility, and that she was never told of these crimes. She also insisted on the fact that she never noticed his threat to destroy the Jews in Europe and to crush all his enemies in his speeches which were transferred by radio over the whole world and also to Vienna! And what a contrast of this Adolf Hitler who according to her own declarations was radiant with kindness with the brutal man he really was! The tactics to have been unaware of all what happened during 12 years of Nazi terror are only too well known and unable to convince even an unprejudiced man.

This woman is not in the least denying the fact that she was extremely fond of her brother whose death, by the way she does not doubt. The likeness to her brother in appearance, look and physiognomy is striking and intensifies the longer one is in her presence. I could bring her a typewriter ribbon she needed for her small Erika typewriter. After answering my questions dilatorily in the beginning she was later on talking freely and with increasing confidence. There was a certain charm in her modesty and her simple manner of speaking. The surroundings, the terrace of the Alpenwirtschaft with its unique view over the land of Berchtesgaden made a strong impression on the agent. But this woman must not be allowed to become the protectress of the mountain in which the sole of her brother is only lying dormant to rise again to new life and to new crimes against human nature. Reporters desiring for sensational news are not to work their way up the mountain to cable into the world with charming stories the Hitler - Myth which will inevitable arise. Too many German authors would greedily snatch at such news to offer an immortal hero of the type of Barbarrosa to youth always longing for romanticism. What enrichment for the gallery of heroes of German history, for the academical youth for spur and emulation!

And what a chance for skilfully camouflaged militarists like Doctor Lenz, Laufen who is president of the district of the OSU is making provoking speeches with the theme: Germany as a bastion against communism in east and west, or translated into good German: "Get strong for a revenge - war against Russia and against the communistic France!"

No, it must not come to that! The suffering of innumerable human beings in concentration camps and penitentiaries the sacrifice of life of comrades of the European and last not least of the German underground - movements, all what was done by Allies Forces to suppress Nazism, all would be in vain! No vindictiveness against a lonely, at least with regard to her actions guiltless woman. But get her away from publicity. She could become a germ cell for a new disaster, maybe against her own wishes. One thing is certain: the American, who visited her and declared that the question who is to blame for all what happened since 12 years war and crimes, destruction and death, can only be answered by future generations, will not remain the only one. Many people, Americans and other, will come and bear a share to show Hitler as what he has never been: a kind man and a great Leader


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Re: Interview de Paula Hitler en 1946 2eme post

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St Ex a écrit: I do not believe that my brother ordered the crime committed to innumerable human beings in the concentration - camps or that he even knew of these crimes. It may be possible however, that the hard years during his youth in Vienna caused his anti-Jewish attitude. He was starving severely in Vienna and he believed that his failure in painting was only due to the fact that trade in works of art was in Jewish hands.

La réponse classique, c'est toujours difficile de concilier l'image d'un proche avec celle d'un criminel...

Bon travail, ne serait-ce que pour le temps qu'à dû prendre la transcription de tout ce texte...



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Les notes que Martin Bormann a prises dans le bunker dans les derniers jours de la vie de Hitler sont pourtant évidentes. Hitler voyait les Juifs comme des vermines à exterminer et croyait fermement que ses idées seraient reprises dans le futur. Comme le fait si bien remarquer romuald, il est très rare que la mère d'un tueur va avouer qu'elle a toujours su que son fils était une brute sanguinaire. Elle va plutôt nier l'évidence en disant que jamais son fils n'aurait pu poser de tels gestes. C'est le même réflexe familial qu'on peut déceler ici chez Paula Hitler.
You'd better run for cover before I start to smile...


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En complément de mon post précédent, j'ai jugé pertinent d'étoffer mes argumentations de citations percutantes. Mis à part le fait qu'Hitler traite tous ceux qui sont en désaccord avec lui (Roosevelt et Churchill en tête) d'enjuivés, certaines citations des notes de Bormann, devenues le testament politique du Führer, ne laissent planer aucun doute sur son attitude et ses desseins envers les Juifs.

4 février 1945:
J'avais sous-estimé la puissance de la domination juive sur les Anglais de Churchill. Ils préfèrent en effet sombrer dans la déchéance plutôt que d'admettre le national-socialisme. Ils eussent admis à la rigueur un antisémitisme de façade de notre part. Mais notre volonté inébranlable de miner à sa base la puissance juive dans le monde, ils n'ont pas un estomac assez solide pour digérer cela !

En faisant mention d'une paix possible en 1941:
Celle-ci, sous la direction du Reich, ce serait rapidement unifiée. Le poison juif éliminé, cela devenait chose facile.

13 février 1945:
Le mérite du national-socialisme, c'est qu'il a été le premier à poser le problème juif de façon réaliste. Les Juifs ont toujours suscité l'antisémitisme. Les peuples non-juifs, au cours des siècles, et des Égyptiens jusqu'à nous, ont tous réagi de la même manière. Un moment arrive où ils sont las d'être exploités par le Juif abusif. Alors ils s'ébrouent comme l'animal qui secoue sa vermine. Ils réagissent brutalement, ils finissent par se révolter. C'est là une façon de réagir instinctive. C'est une réaction de xénophobie à l'égard de l'étranger qui refuse de s'adapter, de se fondre, qui s'incruste, qui s'impose et qui vous exploite. Le Juif est par définition l'étranger inassimilable et qui refuse de s'assimiler. C'est ce qui distingue le Juif des autres étrangers: il prétend avoir chez-vous le droit d'un membre de la communauté tout en demeurant Juif. Il considère comme un dû cette possibilité de jouer simultanément sur deux tableaux, et il est seul dans le monde à revendiquer un aussi exorbitant privilège.

Le national-socialisme a posé le problème juif sur le plan des faits: en dénonçant la volonté de domination mondiale des Juifs, en s'attaquant à eux systématiquement, dans tous les domaines, en les éliminant de toutes les positions usurpées par eux, en les traquant partout avec la volonté bien établie de laver le monde allemand du poison juif. Il s'est agi pour nous d'une cure de désintoxication indispensable, entreprise à la dernière limite, sans quoi nous eussions été asphyxiés et submergés.

Réussissant cette opération en Allemagne, nous avions des chances qu'elle fit tache d'huile. Cela était même fatal, car il est normal que la santé triomphe de la maladie (1). Les Juifs furent aussitôt conscients de ce risque et c'est la raison pour laquelle ils décidèrent de jouer leur va-tout dans la lutte à mort (2) qu'ils déclenchèrent contre nous. Il leur fallait abattre le national-socialisme à n'importe quel prix, la planète dut-elle être détruite. Aucune guerre n'a été aussi typiquement que celle-ci, ni aussi exclusivement, une guerre juive (3).

Je les ai en tout-cas obligés à jeter bas le masque. Et même si notre entreprise (4) se solde par un échec, cet échec ne saurait être que provisoire. J'aurai ouvert les yeux du monde sur la réalité du péril juif.

L'on peut faire confiance aux Juifs, l'antisémitisme ne disparaîtra qu'avec eux.

Notre racisme n'est agressif qu'à l'égard de la race juive. Nous parlons de race juive par commodité de langage, car il n'y a pas, à proprement parler, et du point de vue de la génétique, une race juive. Il existe toutefois une réalité de fait à laquelle, sans la moindre hésitation, l'on peut accorder cette qualification et qui est admise par les Juifs eux-mêmes. C'est l'existence d'un groupe humain spirituellement homogène dont les Juifs de toutes les parties du monde ont conscience de faire partie, quels que soient les pays dont, administrativement ils sont les ressortissants. C'est ce groupe humain que nous appelons la race juive. Or il ne s'agit nullement, bien que la religion hébraïque leur serve parfois de prétexte, d'une communauté religieuse ni d'un lien constitué par l'appartenance à une religion commune.

La race juive est avant tout une race mentale. Si elle a pour origine la religion hébraïque, si elle a en partie été façonnée par elle, elle n'est pas néanmoins d'essence purement religieuse, car elle englobe de la même façon les athées déterminés et les pratiquants sincères. À cela, il faut ajouter le lien constitué par les persécutions subies au cours des siècles et dont les Juifs oublient toujours qu'ils n'ont cessé de les provoquer. Anthropologiquement, les Juifs ne réunissent pas les caractères qui feraient d'eux une race unique. Il est pourtant indubitable que chaque Juif recèle dans ses veines quelques gouttes de sang spécifiquement juif. Il serait impossible autrement d'expliquer la permanence, chez-eux, de certains caractères physiques qui leur appartiennent en propre et qu'on retrouve invariablement chez des Juifs aussi différents, par exemple, que le Pollak et le Juif marocain - leur nez indécent, leur narine vicieuse, etc. Cela ne semble vouloir s'expliquer par le type de vie qu'ils mènent, toujours semblable, de génération en génération, dans les ghettos principalement (5).

Une race mentale, c'est quelque chose de plus solide, de plus durable, qu'une race tout court. Transplantez un Allemand aux États-Unis, vous en faites un Américain. Le Juif, où qu'il aille, demeure un Juif. C'est un être par nature inassimilable. Et c'est ce caractère même, qui le rend impropre à l'assimilation, qui définit sa race, Voilà une preuve de la supériorité de l'esprit sur la chair !

Leur ascension foudroyante, au cours du XIXe siècle, a donné aux Juifs le sentiment de leur puissance et les a incités à jeter bas leur masque. Aussi est-ce une chance pour nous de pouvoir les combattre en tant que Juifs avérés et agressivement fiers de l'être. Étant donné la crédulité du peuple allemand, nous ne pouvons que nous louer de cet accès de sincérité de la part de nos plus mortels ennemis

Je me suis montré loyal envers les Juifs. Je leur ai donné, à la veille de la guerre, un ultime avertissement. Je les ai prévenus que, s'ils précipitaient à nouveau le monde dans la guerre, ils ne seraient cette fois-ci pas épargnés - que la vermine serait définitivment exterminée en Europe. Ils ont répondu à cet avertissement par une déclaration de guerre, affirmant que partout où il y avait un Juif il y avait par définition un ennemei inexpiable de l'Allemagne national-socialiste.

L'abcès juif, nous l'avons crevé comme les autres. Le monde futur nous en sera éternellement reconnaissant.

2 avril 1945:
De ce point de vue, le fait d'avoir éliminé les Juifs d'Allemagne et de l'Europe centrale demeurera un titre de reconnaissance durable à l'égard du national-socialisme. est en tout cas certain que l'Allemagne recrutera toujours ses amis les plus sûrs parmi les peuples foncièrement résistants à la contagion juive.

Aussi bien, dans ce monde cruel où les deux grandes guerres nous ont replongés, il est bien évident que les seuls peuples blancs qui aient des chances de survivre et de prospérer seront ceux qui savent souffrir et qui gardent le courage de lutter, même sans espoir, jusqu'à la mort. Ces qualités, seuls pourront y prétendre les peuples qui auront été capables d'extirper d'eux-mêmes le mortel poison juif.

(1) Le fait de comparer le Juif à la maladie implique directement le besoin de vouloir se débarrasser de lui.

(2) Prétendre que les Juifs avaient déclaré une lutte à mort implique qu'un seul des deux peuples devra subsister.

(3) Faire état d'une guerre juive sous-entend que l'ennemi est le Juif et qu'il doit être vaincu.

(4) L'entreprise dont Hitler fait mention n'est-elle pas celle du génocide industrialisé mis en place par les nazis ?

(5) Ici, je n'ai mis une référence en bas de page que pour démontrer comment Hitler, à la manière d'un documentaire sur la faune, nous montre le Juif comme une créature inhumaine. Le parallèle est tellement gros qu'on pourrait en rire si l'holocauste n'avait pas eu lieu.

Pour terminer, à ceux qui croient que Bormann a peut-être tout inventé, je ne peux que conseiller de lire le Mein Kampf où ils reconnaîtront le style du Führer ainsi que sa façon unique de se répéter sans cesse dans différentes tournures de phrases pour être bien sûr d'avoir bien livré son message.

Je suis désolé de ramener ces tristes écrits à la mémoire du peuple juif, mais je le fais dans un simple souci historique et pour prouver qu'Adolf Hitler savait, avait sûrement ordonné, et cautionnait l'extermination systématique des Juifs d'Europe occupée.
You'd better run for cover before I start to smile...


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Oui Audie, c'est explicitement marqué dans les mémoires de Göbbels (dont j'ai commencé à lire qques passages). Il est vrai que pendant un certain temps, les historiens étaient "embêtés" de ne trouver aucun écrit, aucun décret signé A.H. sur les Juifs.

St Ex


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Bonjour Audie,
Audie Murphy a écrit:Je suis désolé de ramener ces tristes écrits à la mémoire du peuple juif

A mon avis, vos citations sont plutot de nature a faire plaisir aux Juifs qui nous lisent ici. Il est des clous qu'il faut marteler sans cesse pour eviter qu'ils ne soient enleves.
mais je le fais dans un simple souci historique et pour prouver qu'Adolf Hitler savait, avait sûrement ordonné, et cautionnait l'extermination systématique des Juifs d'Europe occupée.

Absolument d'accord.
J'irais meme plus loin.
Il a absolument ordonne l'extermination.
Il ne la cautionnait pas, il la dirigeait.
Non seulement au courant de tout mais aussi a la direction de tout et ce jusqu'au bout.

Je pense que ce fil est le bon pour souhaiter a David Irving d'excellentes vacances en Autriche.


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    dans:  Renault FT tourelle Berliet 1/35 RPM 
il y a 27 minutes
par: Aldebert 
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par: coyote 
    dans:  QUIZZ AVIATION - SUITE 20 
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    dans:  Plaque émaillée 
il y a 50 minutes
par: klaus 
    dans:  LE QUIZ HISTOIRE - SUITE - 23 
Aujourd’hui, 16:18
par: Prosper Vandenbroucke 
    dans:  Document avril 1945 concernant le roi Léopold 3. 
Aujourd’hui, 16:11
par: Flamierge1945, 
    dans:  80° Koufra 
Aujourd’hui, 13:48
par: Dog Red 
    dans:  Les Juifs dans l'Armée Allemande 
Aujourd’hui, 07:53
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    dans:  OPEL 3.6 -47 Omnibus RODEN 1:72 
Aujourd’hui, 07:52
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    dans:  Article sur Göring. 2/5/1940 
Hier, 22:40
par: Prosper Vandenbroucke 

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